31 October 2018: Andrew Guise discusses a social science perspective on addressing homelessness and urban exclusion in London at the HERON Conference 2018.

25th April 2018: Andrew Guise’s blog post on Cost of Living proposes levels of homelessness as a barometer for city health.

Corran, P, Steinbach, R, Saunders, L & Green, J 2018, ‘Age, disability and everyday mobility in London: an analysis of the correlates of ‘non-travel’ in travel diary dataJournal of transport & health. DOI: 10.1016/j.jth.2017.12.008

22nd November 2017: Judith Green writes about changing urban transport systems to keep people safe.

Listen to a podcast by The Policy Forum Pod with SUPHI member Professor Nikolas Rose discussing stress in the city.